About Us

  • Shelter Island Presbyterian Church
    Shelter Island Presbyterian Church
  • James Havens House
    James Havens House
    Home of the Shelter Island Historical Society
  • Shelter Island School
    Shelter Island School
  • South Ferry Office
    South Ferry Office
  • Shelter Island Justice Hall
    Shelter Island Justice Hall
  • Our Lady of the Isle RC Church
    Our Lady of the Isle RC Church
  • North Ferry Company Office
    North Ferry Company Office
  • The Chequit
    The Chequit
  • Shelter Island Public Library
    Shelter Island Public Library
  • Shops in Dering Harbor
    Shops in Dering Harbor
  • Shelter Island Town Hall
    Shelter Island Town Hall
  • North Ferry Terminal
    North Ferry Terminal
  • Havens House Barn
    Havens House Barn
  • North Ferry
    North Ferry
  • Home of the Perlman Music Program
    Home of the Perlman Music Program
  • Shelter Island Heights Stores
    Shelter Island Heights Stores
  • View of Dering Harbor
    View of Dering Harbor
  • View from South Ferry
    View from South Ferry
 What is the Shelter Island Association?

The Shelter Island Association is a gathering of people dedicated to initiating, broadening, assisting, and encouraging a continuing participation by residents and property owners in any activity having a bearing on the betterment, advancement, and best interests of Shelter Island, NY. The Association is a not-for-profit (and nonpartisan) group of people working together for common goals.

Who May Join?

Any resident of Shelter Island and any owner of real estate in the Town of Shelter Island may apply for membership in the Association by paying the annual dues.  If you might be interested in becoming a member please visit our Become a Member page.

What Has It Done?

Since its inception in 1967, the Association has been instrumental in helping to protect our:

  • Quality of life
  • Environment
  • Water supply
  • Zoning
  • Open space
  • Accessibility to town government
  • Financial stability